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With the current state of the pandemic  we all have to adjust our priorities.

Life is triage.

Unfortunately, Salons are mandated to close at the moment untill April 19. 

And yet, we don’t really know if this will continue. 

My clients we are rescheduling for the end of April and May, and kicking the can down the road as needed.
As my dedicated clientele knows, there is NO replacement for salon hair color, when performed by a talented and knowledgeable professional.

But what can YOU do in the meantime?

My regular retouch clients have a sense of desperation at this point.

They know that color corrections are expensive. I don’t want to see my years of care obsessed custom hair coloring destroyed.

What are your Options for hair care during Corona Virus Salon Closures?

If you are not leaving the house, relax and let it grow out, we will deal with it soon.

Do an OLAPLEX   treatment followed by a moisture or color toning mask. 

I love the whole Olaplex system!  For now you may  ORDER HERE  for now.

I became an OLAPLEX affiliate, so that we both can benefit from this. 

If your work from home consists of  video conferencing or live streaming and you can't bare to show those white roots while presenting, here is some advice:


Use a temporary make up style root retouch or spray like COLOR WOW.  Contact me for your shade.

You can PAYPAL me or  VENMO me 39.00 plus 6.50 Shipping  total 45.50 to order

A toning mask for mid-lengths and ends to glaze and revitalize fading color tones while adding needed moisture.  ALOXXI INSTABOOST is my Favorite!​​


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OR, as a last resort . . .If you are realy bold and able to follow careful directions and are REALLY desparate to cover your roots with Chemical color  I am prodving a direct ship, better then drugstore alternative to get you  through this crisis.  It is a chemical. I suggest only doing visible areas and NEVER getting the root color on previously colored hair.​​

ORDER your semi-custom  ROOT RETOUCH KIT, toning mask, tint rinse or camo- mist and more from

And, yes I am cannibalizing mysellf here to get my clients through this crisis. So PLEASE considering helping me by using my provided links so that I may get some small ambassdor/affiliate fees.  

​Before taking any steps I suggest you contact me first.

Color corrections are expensive and currently unavailable.

It is much better to have gray then to have trashed hair!

I will be going into detail on all of these options with future pages. 
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