Most days you will find me at my private salon studio in Los Angeles, where my palette is hair color. Here, I help people to sparkle with color and style. I am a hair stylist and hair color expert with over thirty-five years in the industry. Clients seek my skills in creative and corrective hair color..

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The Saving Grace Salon certainly lives up to its name... The owner, Linda Mariano, literally saved my hair... She's a true artist!!! Love the color and the cut. Nora S.


Photography has been a passion since age twelve.   In the digital age, I embrace technology and use my skills to make my clients stand out on their personal and business profiles.   My advice is commanded by people and companies seeking to develop a web presence.   

Would you like a makeup and style consult?  Maybe renew or develop a look? I work with women and men.  Resources include a network of referrals to help you look and feel your best.   See More

I am a 20-year client of Linda Mariano's - now that should speak for itself as the highest recommendation of her services!  A big plus is Linda's knowledge in many areas of health, beauty, image and internet promotion.  Every salon visit leaves me armed with new solutions to combat my ever-continuing aging challenges.  Linda has recommended some valuable cutting-edge health procedures/products that have contributed to improving my quality of life.  And that makes me very happy! :) Thanks for being on top of things, Linda.  Karen Childs owner of BAM Transcription


Born with the ability to draw, and currently I am able to use that gift to draw on people.  Henna body art and temporary tattoos and tattoo design consult are services in my salon and for you special event guests.  See More

Ever since I got engaged in 2009, I have been interested in bridal henna tattoos. So for my two bridal showers, I thought I would get my hands and feet covered. I found Linda online, looked at her portfolio, and decided to shoot her an email. She worked within my budget and I ended up with something beautiful. Linda is an artist. She does everything by hand--no tracing or stencils, and the henna she uses is high quality henna with three simple, natural ingredients: henna, lemon juice, and eucalyptus. It was so gentle on my very sensitive skin! Linda always made sure I was comfortable and asked me if I liked how her work was progressing. She was so nice and fun to talk to. It was like spending a few hours with a friend!

I have gotten nothing but compliments on the tattoos and I would recommend her to anyone interested in henna tattoos. You can see her in her salon, or she will come to your house. There is plenty of free underground parking.

I am not just a style maven, I am also a geek. 

And with the Godspeed growth of technology, I came to the realization that the best way to provide outstanding service to the myriad of clients I serve involves a broad knowledge of the Internet.   This has directed me to research and arm myself with the skills of web design, web marketing, Photoshop, and many other software programs as well as social media. 

Humbly, I have learned much working with brilliant clients in my salon. I take pleasure in exchanging information with the many people I have been fortunate to interact with as they sat captive in my chair. 

Linda Mariano is more than a hair stylist and colorist, she is a true artist. It's no surprise to learn that she is multi-talented - she is also a make-up artist and photographer - because her creativity shines through in everything she does .Linda Mariano is more than a hair stylist and colorist, she is a true artist. It's no surprise to learn that she is multi-talented - she is also a make-up artist and photographer - because her creativity shines through in everything she does.  author Sue Russell

My Signature Line of Hair Care:  VITA PLEXX leave in condiitoner,  NURTURE sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, MELLO GELLO, TAKE HOLD and VAPOR HALO.
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Some people are gifted in several, if not many, disciplines. Linda Mariano is one of those renaissance people. Linda has what an artist might call a "good eye." I have to be around many high profile people, so looking as good as I can is part of my job. Linda has been an invaluable asset in that regard. But she's not only the best stylist I've ever had, her "good eye" is something she uses in professional photography. Her pics of me have been used in my national publicity and to promote an upcoming appearance. In a very real way. Jeff Davis, Jeff Davis Productions
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